Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity?

We all have heard the rumors of the new xbox. Let’s get some facts straight.

  • A new console from Microsoft is coming out this year
  • It will be unvaled this May 21st
  • The specs will be compared to Mid-High ranged PC gaming rigs right now
  • No one knows the retail name

Now thats all we know as of right now. However, this picture has been shared across the internet for a while. Do you think it is real? Well, it has a good slogan. So my guess it might be true. Microsoft would’ve never spent that much money for a slogan. Also note the infinite sign. What does it look like? A sideways 8. The Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity, or whatever it will be called has been reported to run Windows 8 RT. Which makes sense because Microsoft is trying to really promote Windows 8 and the Surface. Windows 8 and the Surface are failing miserably. There is no doubt about it. So if Microsoft wants to save it, this would be the way. The current Xbox 360 is running a modified version of Windows NT. Plus the new layout is made to look like the Windows Metro layout from Windows 8.

Well, that is my $0.02. As more details come out, I will see what I am able to share with you.

See you on the battlefield, soldiers.


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