Farewell, Wii

You may or may have not heard. Nintendo officially announced that they are now officially cutting production of the Nintendo Wii. A spokesperson had this to say. “Our new generation Wii U console is already on the market and allows users to play software originally designed for the Wii,”

The Nintendo Wii first came out in 2006. It was targeted towards families and casual gamers. IP’s like Mario, Donkey Kong, and more helped launch the Wii into one of the most sold consoles of all time with over 100 million total sales. The Wii didn’t bolster HD graphics, (making it the butt of many Xbox and PS3 jokes),  but it made up for that with nostalgia from most of our childhood days. What does this mean for Nintendo’s Wii U? Only time will tell that outcome. Hopefully with Nintendo now fully working on the Wii U, it can become a better overall console.

But alas, farewell Wii. You will be missed.

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