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Call of Duty: Ghosts No Longer Needs 6GB of RAM

According to many users, the latest patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts lowered the 6GB of RAM requirement needed for the game to the standard 4GB of RAM.

Now we all may or may not know that inserting virtual canine DNA to a “next gen” video game is very demanding (/sarcasm), we still don’t know why the requirement was that high to start. The game was still a very bad port and unappealing to the eyes, even when the game was maxed out. Still though, if you have the sudden urge to release your inner dog, give this game an install and bite someone in the ass.

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The Stanley Parable Livesteam

The Stanley Parable HD Remake came out on 10/17/13. Did you miss our livestream on it? You can catch it here.

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Steam Summer Sale 2013

If you are not a full fleged PC gamer or are somehow living under a rock with dial-up internet that you stole from your neighbor, the 2013 Steam Summer Sale has begun. You can find it here,

For those of you that do not know the importance of the Steam Summer sale, let me try to explain it a bit. Steam is a meca for all types of games. You have the AAA games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to the indie game Kerbal Space Program. Anyways, in this virtual store, games seem to go for under retail, (unless you want a Call of Duty game).¬† Because of this, PC gamers love Steam because of cheap games. During the Steam Summer sale, those sales increase¬† exponentially. We see games going for 70% off or more! It really makes our wallets feel better, (while we drain it buying every game we can). That’s the Steam Summer Sale in a nutshell. If you want to see all the great deals, just click the link seen above.

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Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity?

We all have heard the rumors of the new xbox. Let’s get some facts straight.

  • A new console from Microsoft is coming out this year
  • It will be unvaled this May 21st
  • The specs will be compared to Mid-High ranged PC gaming rigs right now
  • No one knows the retail name

Now thats all we know as of right now. However, this picture has been shared across the internet for a while. Do you think it is real? Well, it has a good slogan. So my guess it might be true. Microsoft would’ve never spent that much money for a slogan. Also note the infinite sign. What does it look like? A sideways 8. The Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity, or whatever it will be called has been reported to run Windows 8 RT. Which makes sense because Microsoft is trying to really promote Windows 8 and the Surface. Windows 8 and the Surface are failing miserably. There is no doubt about it. So if Microsoft wants to save it, this would be the way. The current Xbox 360 is running a modified version of Windows NT. Plus the new layout is made to look like the Windows Metro layout from Windows 8.

Well, that is my $0.02. As more details come out, I will see what I am able to share with you.

See you on the battlefield, soldiers.


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